John Maeda: “In reality, design is not that important” landed in my inbox on Friday. Such a provocative link really baits one into clicking on it immediately, doesn’t it?

Maeda brings up some excellent points here, different disciplines do really need to work together to create things. Designers don’t have a monopoly on great ideas, nor do developers or product managers. Teamwork, people!

swimmer at Coney Island

This was the second Rose Pitonof Swim.

What I remember most about this day was our boat having mechanical problems and having to jump on another, much smaller boat while we were precariously tied up to a wharf near Red Hook.

It was all good fun, and the captain provided ice cold, tasty beverages after the race was over–for the ride back to Sheepshead Bay.

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pecan and pumpkin pie
Pecan and pumpkin pies 2019

What do we have after Thanksgiving and the ensuing Black Friday hype? Leftovers (and pictures).

Pictured here are 2019’s pies. The crusts—often the most frustrating part for me—were quite good this year. Although, I should have blind baked the pumpkin pie’s crust. I used this Pate Brisee recipe, it’s simple and the result was nice and flaky. For the fillings, I followed the sage advice in this NYT Opinion piece and followed the recipes on the respective bottle/can of the ingredients.

Keep reading to see some more poor-quality pictures of questionable-quality pies through the years.

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