I reneged on a promise to move my display project forward for a second week. I did do something slightly technical though: The blogroll is back! Otherwise, there’s not much else I want to write about here.

So, here are a few links…


Dave Winer is doing some work involving blogrolls. His recent posts inspired me to resurrect the blogroll on this site. It’s back in the sidebar and driven from my reading list via a simple OPML to HTML script and a bit of copy and paste action.

There hasn’t been a blogroll here since 2006–when the site changed from Movable Type to WordPress. At the time, I said “I’m not sure if I think blogrolls are all that useful anymore.” That statement came from the brief time when the blogroll served as the primary navigation to the sites I followed. This was a tedious way to keep up with more than a handful of sites. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to discover RSS and start using a news reader (I think NetNewswire was my first one). Newsreaders are wonderful and I, for one, am happy RSS isn’t dead.

There is little to show for last week’s promise to move my display project forward. I need to change that this week. I did start some early spring cleaning, which transferred several bags of clothes to the local thrift shop, a couple items to eBay, and a few things to the sidewalk. The sidewalk giveaway included the last of my motorcycle kit, which hadn’t seen use in years. I imagine a deliverista with an extra-large head is putting it to good use now.


It’s been a few years since we’ve seen not one, but two winter storms (with snow) in a week. Saturday’s yielded enough for the creation of a lot of snowmen in Prospect Park.

The never ending search for vinyl continued at Psychic Records. It’s a nice shop in South Slope. Based on the small sample of 3 LPs I picked from the bargain bins, the condition of their stock is quite good. Note: They also carry guitar strings!

It’s mid-February, and despite all the earlier excitement about re-working my display project, I’ve done nothing to make progress for weeks. I’ll try to move things along a bit this week, really.


Man wearing Apple Vision Pro goggles stops to respond to text messages on the stairs at Times Square station.
Casey Neistat, wearing Apple goggles, responds to text messages. See link below for more.

It only took one trip to the Jazz Record Center to convince me that it was time to buy a turntable. I finally got one this week so I can play my minuscule, but growing, vinyl collection.

I only owned a handful of LPs growing up. In my high school years, CDs were state of the art, but still quite new and out of reach for many, including myself. So, cassettes were the format of choice. Low cost and portability made up for the low audio quality.

When I was living in Boston, I spent a substantial portion of my meager paycheck at Newbury Comics, Tower Records and the used record store in Kenmore Square. Later, in the bay area, it was Amoeba and Rasputin Music in Berkeley that provided the goods. In those years, I amassed respectable collection of a few hundred compact discs, which I hauled around the country every time I moved.

Digital music changed the way I listen to music, as it did for many. My whole collection has been ripped and I carry the “best of” around in my pocket ready to deploy at an occasion. On shuffle, this provides a stream of somewhat eclectic music–much of which might fall in the oldies category at this point. It became rare to pick an album and listen from beginning to end.

With this new turntable, I realized how much I missed that album listening experience. I love the sound, complete with the pops from the less pristine albums. Having liner notes and photos on the covers that are big enough to see also adds to the experience. I’m also enjoying digging through crates at record shops, or wherever else quality music can be found.

Speaking of music, we added a new musician in this week’s edition of Jam Nite. It’s really nice to have another guitar in there. Now, we need to find a human drummer. Drummers, drop me a note if you’re interested.

In other news, Supreme Bowl II happened on Saturday–always a great time.