A small, bass pedalboard with preamp, chorus and Beat Buddy pedals on a wood floor with a hand written set list.

On the jam this week, we decided to get somewhat more organized: I put together a playlist ahead of time. Not surprisingly, the jam was smoother without the usual “what are we playing next” routine where I suggest a song and the other guys suggest alternatives. We also added a new (for us) song that sounded shockingly good the first time through. Our set list is somewhat eclectic, but I can see us heading in a slightly more rockabilly direction. If that’s the case, I might need an upright bass.

A friend had some BBQ sauces delivered from Alabama this week. We tried them out on some chicken, the verdict: The Dreamland BBQ sauce is delicious and the Big Bob Gibson White Sauce is, perhaps, and acquired taste. I’ll give the white sauce a couple more chances, but it may prove too mayonnaisey for my tastes.

The 3D printed boat part I designed came back from the printer this week. While the print quality on this one isn’t as good the as the first, it should work. I’ll drop a full write-up in the Projects section after I’ve installed it on the boat.

Finally, I noticed some weirdness on the site this week. No, jpreardon.com is not (intentionally) hawking prescription drugs. Someone managed to inject spam into a few of the pages and posts recently. I think I’ve removed all of it now, and security has been tightened to prevent it from happening in the future.


Four half-racks of BBQ pork baby-back ribs on a sheet pan.

A favorite around here are these Smoked Gochujang Ribs. That low-and-slow recipe calls for over 6 hours in the smoker, which requires some advanced planning. Since last year, we’ve had good luck with a faster recipe Brian turned me on to, I think it’s how they roll in Alabama. It calls for a slightly higher heat and can be on the table in a couple hours. The results? Almost as good as the low-and-slow method.


I’m writing this down here so I don’t have to go digging into my message history next time I cook them:

  • Prep a couple racks of pork ribs
    • Remove silver skin
    • Slather with yellow mustard
    • Sprinkle spices on all sides: Salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika. I go light here–not looking to develop a bark. I also leave out sugar to prevent burning
    • Keep in refrigerator until time to cook
  • Prepare grill for indirect cooking and stabilize the temperature around 325º
  • Put ribs on the grill bone side down, or use a rib rack
  • Cook covered maintaining temperature
  • After an hour, check the internal temperature, you’re looking for around 190-200º
  • Once ribs are at temperature, brush on your desired glaze. I glaze both sides twice letting them cook for a couple minutes between applications. Be careful not to burn the glaze at this point.
  • Remove ribs from grill and serve.


  • I generally don’t add hardwood, but it probably wouldn’t hurt, just go easy on it
  • For the glaze, I use some BBQ sauce–home made or store bought–thinned with water for easier brushing. I will try the gochujang glaze in the near future.