A group of people take pictures of a Manhattanhenge sunset on the Tudor City overpass.
Manhattanhenge: New Yorkers love a photo op.

On the way to see Field of Light, we happened upon a gaggle of people taking pictures of something. As we got closer, we realized it was Manhattanhenge (pictured above). It was a nice evening for it, and well worth stopping for. Even a busy Deliverista took a few minutes off to capture the moment.

In other news, the New York Times continues their journalistic assault on the Biden campaign. According to Jennifer Schulze of Heartland Signal, the NYT has published 192 articles and opinion pieces about Biden’s debate performance as of July 6th (via Letters from an American). The opposing campaign seems to be relatively quiet. I imagine their thinking is: Why bother saying anything if the New York Times goes on the attack for us?

Instead of the non-stop Biden bashing, how about some more in-depth coverage of Project 2025?


It’s week 26, so we’re halfway through this year’s weeknotes!

The first Presidential debate was this week. I knew how it was going to go down, so I avoided it. Unfortunately, my intuition was correct and Trump just spewed his lies. Predictably, the hand wringing started immediately. Although, I was a little taken aback by the about of attention the NY Times gave to Biden’s performance while spilling little ink over Trump’s unchecked bullshit eruption. Heather Cox Richardson has a great write-up, as usual.


Photo of the team USA Sail GP F50 preparing to race in New York Harbor. Lower Manhattan's skyline is in the background.
Team USA prepares to race at Sail GP in New York City.

The big event this week was Sail GP. I was lucky to get a look behind the scenes before the races on Saturday. These boats and crews are very impressive.

In other news, it’s hazy, hot & humid this week. Usually, we try to keep the A/C off until at least July. However, I couldn’t take it anymore on Saturday and flipped the switch. Might have to adjust expectations in the future. Perhaps “we try to keep the A/C off until at least June” will be the reality going forward.

Also spotted a white squirrel in Prospect Park. Apparently people have been seeing these for years in the park, but it was a first for me.


Comparison of three MTA style, smiley-face, PSA graphics through time: 2020 asks people to wear masks, 2022 indicates that masks are optional, while 2024 shows someone behind bars for wearing a mask.
Graphic source: @luckytran

While many are still reeling from Governor Hochul’s last minute halt of congestion pricing, she has another bright idea for NYC public transit: A mask ban. Also, let us not forget when she deployed the National Guard to check bags at subway entrances when the real action is on the trains and platforms. Her actions show that she disconnected from the facts on the ground when it comes to transit. She shouldn’t be dictating transit policy for the the city.


As promised, I posted a project page for the Pearson Ensign Outboard Motor Mount I designed a few weeks ago. I haven’t been to the boat in a week, I assume that bracket is still doing what it’s supposed to do.

I’ve been slow to start my traditional, pre-summer activities. Not much sailing has happened yet and I just got around to planting some of the containers on the deck this weekend. The solstice is right around the corner, so I need to kick it into high gear.