…only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars.

Dr. Martin Luther King

Set up activity publishing to Mastodon. Part of that effort required spending some quality time cleaning up the configuration on this server. There are comments in those files from 2010. So glad I included those, I can’t remember what I was thinking back in 2010.

For a while, I’ve been thinking about making some changes to the old Good Morning Display. I committed some of those thoughts to “paper” in this post. Now, time to get to work!

New York City finally saw some snow this week and it’s cold. It looks and feels like the arctic tundra out there.

Jammed not once, but twice this week. We did an early, “all ages show” on Monday in addition to the usual Friday night jam. For posterity, here’s our song list roughly in order of proficiency (best to not so best):

  • Rock and Roll Ruby (Setzer)
  • Heroes (Bowie)
  • China Girl (Bowie)
  • Man Who Sold the World (Bowie)
  • This Year’s Girl (Costello)
  • Welcome to the Working Week (Costello)
  • Look Sharp! (Jackson)
  • One More Time (Jackson)
  • Sunday Papers (Jackson)
  • Mary Jane’s Last Dance (Petty)
  • American Girl (Petty)

We should start reaching beyond these five artists. Also, we need a drummer. If you’re interested, hit me up!


A major component of these weeknotes is likely to be links. A major inspiration for this is Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino’s Sunday Scraps.

Work is in full swing this week. Everybody is back from their holiday with a lot of energy and ideas.

I continued to play around with various Jamulus recording setups and Reaper. A fair number of people seem to prefer recording on the client side. From what I can tell, this produces keeps everything in time, but it’s all on one track. We don’t plan to record every session. Next time, we’ll record on the server again and adjust timing in the mix.

Speaking of jams, we had one of our better ones this week. Good energy all around and I was more natural on the bass. It may have had something to do with the beer I drank at dinner beforehand.

Projectwise, I fixed some issues with the static site generator used for the One a Day site. Not the links are correct. That site really needs some TLC on the layout.

The wild weather continued this week with a lot of rain and very high winds.


Inspired by Doug Belshaw’s Weeknotes, I’m going to start the same here.

This does seem like the the sort of project that sounds exciting now, with weeknotes and excitement fading in a week or so. We’ll see how it goes…

In this first weeknote, I’ll ponder what might get written about, and what probably won’t. Mostly, I think I’ll write about progress on personal projects, links to interesting things that don’t deserve their own post, and other random things that happened during the week. I probably go light on the personal details. Goings on at my day job won’t be articulated here either.

By the way, this particular weeknote is being posted a week late as not to violate the long standing custom of not backdating blog posts.

This Week

Happy New Year! We continued our tradition of a New Year’s Eve meal of delicious appetizers. The chef flubbed the sourdough pizza dough and had to make another, last minute dough on the fly. On New Year’s Day, we went to a party and saw the cleanest workshop ever.

As I normally do on the 1st, I took a look at my goals (not resolutions) from last year and made some adjustments for 2024. I also caught up on my One a day photos, more thoughts on that here.

On Friday, we had our regular jam session. This week, we recorded it! I spent a little time playing around in Reaper doing the mixdown. Mostly I just cut out the witty banter and added EQ and compression to some of the tracks. I think we sounded okay. It will be good to compare where we’re at in a month or two.

I went down to the club for the first time in a while. I handed over the bookkeeping duties I had been doing over the last couple years. The boat had some water in it, although not up to the floorboards, so I pumped it out. Then it was off to Old Town to catch up with friends.

Saturday was the 3rd anniversary of the attempted insurrection. Let’s hope that never gets turned into a national holiday.