A Photographer’s Search for Joy in Uncertain Times highlights some of Meryl Meisler’s street photography from the 70s and 80s.

Along with a few photos, there are nuggets like this–in reference to her practice of bumming smokes as an icebreaker:

“It wasn’t about the cigarettes; it was about the people,” … “It was a way of saying hello to people and being less shy.”

Meryl Meisler is also on Instagram.

Photo by Meryl Meisler

Michael Berman - Abdul
In 1999, Michael Berman photographed over 300 random people all over Manhattan. Now he is tracking down as many of them as he can find to re-photograph and talk to them. In many cases, he’s been able photograph them in the same spot. He plans to create a documentary and publish a book of the work.

He explains the project in this video, and you can check out more of the photos on Instagram.

By the way, Berman’s pictures of 80s & 90s New York are pretty great as well.

Photo by: Michael Berman

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York

NYT Elevators

Riding a Time Capsule to Apartment 8G has some great stories about and pictures of some of the old, manually operated passenger elevators around town.

Looking at the pictures reminded me of helping a friend move from his apartment to his girlfriend’s in the same building on West 69th. The super, perhaps mistakenly, entrusted us with the manual service elevator–without supervision.

After our last trip, we decided to see how far up the elevator could go. It abruptly stopped halfway between floors and wouldn’t move up or down. We both crawled out, I stood guard so nobody fell in the gap while my friend ran down to the super’s apartment. The super was remarkably chill about the whole thing, he just went down the basement reset something and went back to his apartment to watch football. We surmised that this wasn’t the first (or last) time a couple of jackasses pushed the old elevator beyond its limits.

Photo from The New York Times