swimmer at Coney Island

This was the second Rose Pitonof Swim.

What I remember most about this day was our boat having mechanical problems and having to jump on another, much smaller boat while we were precariously tied up to a wharf near Red Hook.

It was all good fun, and the captain provided ice cold, tasty beverages after the race was over–for the ride back to Sheepshead Bay.

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Flavia Galuppo at her father’s former business on Bond Street, Etna Tool & Die.
Credit: Gabby Jones for The New York Times

There’s a bittersweet story in the Times today about a machine shop in Manhattan. As per usual, there are also some stunning photos. It’s hard to believe such a business was still in existence north of Houston street until last year.

It is sad to see it go and I hope they are able to find a good home for all of those machines.