Loaf of whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread on a wooden cutting board with three slices.

Experimentation with my Low Effort Sourdough Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread recipe continues.

Today, I tried 75% whole wheat, 25% bread flour. It looks about the same as the 50/50 version, but has a bit more bite and a nuttier aroma as expected. The bit I sampled with some butter was tasty. So far, I’ll call it a success. I’ll see how it is with sandwiches.

This is the current house bread here. It’s a half-recipe of Carey Nershi’s No-Knead Sandwich Bread with a couple minor tweaks. The whole wheat and rye flours make for a fairly dense loaf that works well for sandwiches and toasts. There’s usually a sliced loaf in the freezer. When there are only a couple slices left, it’s time to make another loaf.

Given the rise times, it won’t be ready quickly. However, after the experience of a couple loafs, the active time is quite minimal and can be worked in somewhere during the week. I usually mix it on a weekend morning while making coffee.

  • 216g Bread flour
  • 109g Whole wheat flour
  • 108g Dark rye flour
  • 3g Active dry yeast
  • 7g Salt
  • 8g Caraway seeds
  • 354g Water
  1. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. Add water and mix with hand into a shaggy dough ball.
  3. Cover and let rise for 5-6 hours at room temperature1.
  4. Butter a loaf pan.
  5. Turn dough out onto a floured work surface, it will be very wet.
  6. Add some flour to the top and pat down with hands.
  7. Using a dough scraper, fold the dough over onto itself a couple times.
  8. Roll into log shape that will fit into the loaf pan.
  9. Place in pan seam side down. Sprinkle top with a bit of flour.
  10. Cover and let rise for about an hour or so, until it has doubled in size.
  11. Preheat oven to 450º F.
  12. Slash top with a sharp knife and cook for 25-30 minutes (watch that the top doesn’t burn).
  13. Carefully turn out of pan immediately and let cook completely on wire rack before slicing.

1 After the initial rise, dough can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks until ready to bake. If using refrigerated dough, expect the second rise to take a bit longer.