ZDNet reports that, according to the latest City & Guilds, only 14% of IT workers rate themselves as being “very happy”. IT workers come in 9th overall on the index. Care assistants, hairdressers, plumbers and chefs seem to be the happiest while accountants, pharmacists, media professionals and estate agents are the least happy.

City & Guilds reports that jobs where one helps others and does hands on work make for the happiest workers. These professions do not tend to be the highest paid, so this looks like further proof that money does not buy happiness.

via slashdot

One thought on “Happiness Isn't "IT"

  1. ZDNet reports:
    32% of Plumbers are very happy
    14% of IT workers very happy

    If only we knew,
    what is Plumber’s understanding of happiness
    what is IT workers comprehension of the same object?

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