A student at Parsons is working on Bikes Against Bush, a project that will be used as a sort of interactive, mobile protest tool:

“Bikes Against Bush” transforms ordinary bicycles into Internet enabled, tactical media weapons for non-violent, creative resistance to the RNC. First and foremost, “Bikes Against Bush” is a wireless bicycle consisting of an ordinary bicycle with an embedded laptop computer, a bluetooth-enabled cell phone affixed to the handlebars, a bluetooth-enabled GPS device, and a webcam. Additionally, “Bikes Against Bush” incorporates a homemade, robotic printing device consisting of a series of spray-chalk aerosol cans that can print chalked text messages on streets and sidewalks while the bicycle is in motion. Once an initial prototype bicycle is created, I will work with various creative resistance groups opposing the 2004 Republican National Convention to replicate the design.

It will be interesting to see this in action. Another excellent use for this device would be to mark out the routes for bicycling events such as ESAR. In the past volunteers went out several days in advance to mark the route, as a consequence, many of the markings were faded or obscured by the time a cyclist needed them. If the device can be attached to a bicycle, it seems as if it would be easily fit to a motorcycle as well. With all the turns noted on a map, the “Bikes Against Bush” GPS enabled motorcycle could mark the route just prior to the event.

via Boing boing

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  1. I heard that there is a contingent of cyclists riding from Pittsburg to NYC for the RNC. I’d love to get in touch with them and ride. Anyone know how to find them?

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