That’s a wrap on the One a Day project! 366 photos, one leap year’s worth. Well, not quite 366, we’ll get to that in a moment…

Here are a few parting thoughts about this little project:

  • Missing photos: It’s not easy for me to take an even somewhat interesting picture every day. On 28 occasions, I had nothing. That’s an 8% failure rate, not great. There are several other days were I forgot and ended up shooting something lame just to have a photo.
  • Breaking rules: I didn’t stick to the one and only one rule for this project (“The photo needs to have been taken that day–no stockpiling”). There were about 3 or 4 days in the last month or so where I posted something taken on a different day rather than posting nothing. In the end, I decided something was better than nothing.
  • Neighborhood borders are fuzzy: The neighborhood is listed in many of these pictures. There were several occasions when I wasn’t sure exactly which neighborhood I was in. This Extremely Detailed Map of New York City Neighborhoods is invaluable when one isn’t quite sure where one neighborhood starts and another begins. It might not be perfect, but I tend to agree on the consensus there.
  • Things change fast: One of the inspirations I cited at the onset of this project was a set of photos taken in London in the 50s and 60s. Even in the short life of this project, large and small things are changing. One of my favorites (so far) is below.
Two photographs showing the signage from the Perelman Performing Arts Center in two different locations. On August 9, 2023 (left photo) it is lower than August 31. 2023 (right photo).

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