Yesterday, I launched One a Day wherein I will post one photo per day for a year. There is only one rule: The photo needs to have been taken that day–no stockpiling. You may think that you’ve seen this done before, but assure you that this is a totally original idea.

Now, launch makes it sound like I spent more than an hour knocking together a rudimentary, barely usable site. Sure, I could go the easy route and post on one of the many social networks on which I already have an account. But, in the words of Tina Turner: We never, ever do nothing nice and easy. Besides, we all know, the hard part isn’t making a site or uploading an image–its taking a picture day after day after day.

Why bother? Well, I was inspired by two things recently. First was a large collection of black & white images a friend showed me. His father had taken them in the 70s and 80s. While the subject matter was mostly day-to-day life in East Berlin, they were fascinating.

Second was A London Inheritance where, in a similar vein, he has a large collection of London photos from 1946-54 taken by his father. In a recent post he said “…the normal, everyday things that we take for granted, and are the things that will disappear and are worth a photo.”

This struck me because I take a lot for granted and tend to move through portions of my day with sort of tunnel vision. My hope is that this little project will help me broaden my field of vision a bit.

Wish me luck…

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