Bush Protester Halloween CostumeHaving a hard time coming up with a truly gruesome getup for Halloween? The Stranger offers up some ideas for the scariest Halloween costumes of 2004. My personal favorite is the “Arrested Protester” (pictured):

Capture the rebel spirit of New York City during the Republican National Convention with this wonderfully simple costume. With a broomstick from the hardware store, a protest sign, and some of your own child’s suitably “grungy” clothing, you can transform your child into one of the thousands of demonstrators who greeted the GOP in NYC. To complete the look, wrap your little protestor in the same orange plastic construction fencing that New York City’s finest used to corral and arrest demonstrators up and down the island of Manhattan. With one simple prop and a few dollars’ worth of netting that can be purchased at any traffic- and road-sign supplier, your little boy or girl can sock it to the Man!

Total cost: Under $7.
Total time: Under an hour.

via Slapnose

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