Came home from a nice diner last night, turned on my Power Book G4, and it greeted me with a black screen and three ominous tones. Ugggggggh! Of course, the plan was to do loads of work today, instead I am headed to Tekserve to see if I can get my poor Powerbook repaired.


Two updates actually: First, Tekserve repair is closed on Sunday, and yes, I could have gleaned that from their web site. Second, Tekserve repair on Monday afternoon feels a lot like the DMV; a two hour wait with a lot of frustrated people milling around.

Conclusion: Logic board problem, 1 week to ten days to fix. Bummer.

Update II:

It is 30DEC and the Mac is back and I couldn’t be happier! I found a few complaints about Tekserve, but I have to say, based on this experience, they do a good job. They fixed my computer within the period of time they originally estimated, and everyone I dealt with in the store was pleasant. My only complaint is about the wait, which was nowhere near as bad tonight as when I dropped off. Waiting is probably to be expected when they are one of the only games in town the biggest city in the country. Note to self: Go to Tekserve early in the morning as opposed to in the afternoon or evening.

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