I’ve had a general policy of not making New Year’s resolutions in the past, but I’m going to break tradition this year. I do fairly well with deadlines and milestones, and the start of a new year makes for a great deadline/milestone.

Here are my resolutions in no particular order:

  • Less Procrastination: I want to stop squandering the limited time I have on this planet and be more productive. My best work does not happen in the 11th hour of a project, whatever it might be, therefore I will make every attempt to start (and finish) early on whatever I am working on.
  • Be a better person: This is a nebulous resolution at best. If I were asked the question “how can you become a better person” I’m not sure I could answer it directly. However, I will strive to answer that question each day through my actions.

Now for two more de rigueur resolutions:

  • Smoking: What smoker’s year end list would be complete without this one? Well, I don’t think I’ve personally ever made it to point to quit smoking in a new year, but 2005 will be different.
  • Weight: I didn’t wait for the new year to finally heed my doctor’s advice this year, but I’ve still got a few more pounds to go before attaining my goal.

I doubt I will be revisiting these subjects in this space until next year, if ever. However, if you know me and see me slipping on any of these, please feel free to call me on it by giving me a liberal amount of shit.

Happy New Year!!!

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