I just ran across the East Bay Bicycle Coalition’s Hazard Report Database (via Urban Review St. Louis). The database contains hazards to cycling as reported by cyclists and allows advocates to track hazards in their area.

It doesn’t look like such a database exists in New York. Too bad. This information would be an good addition to the crash maps at Transportation Alternatives. Of course, a database would only be useful if people are willing to enter information. I wonder if there is any interest in NYC?

Be sure to check out the Hall of Shame.

One thought on “Bicycle Hazard Report Database

  1. Can you submit via PDA/cell phone? People would be a lot more likely to report a pothole that they just hit than to think about it a few hours later.

    Also, I wonder how many people would bother unless they felt that the info was actually being used by people to avoid the bad spots, or the city to find and fix them.

    Remind me to tell you about my highway of the future/central nervous system idea. I think it’s a few decades away, but it’s gonna be great!

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