This is the fourth, and last, in a series about Getting Things Done with Outlook.

Of all the major features in Outlook, I use Notes the least. Well, with the exception of the Journal which I don’t use at all. Nevertheless, notes are handy for a few different things especially if one is using a PDA device that the notes get synced with.

Notes are great for keeping checklists (Weekly Review, Travel, etc.). I keep a few checklists as templates. When I need to use one, I simply make a copy of the template and delete line items off of the copied list as items are completed.

This is great for the Travel Checklist. If I am getting ready for a big trip, I will probably be doing so on and off for a couple days ahead of time. This preparation will probably occur in several places like the office, at home or points between. Being able to reference the checklist no matter where I am is very convenient.

Notes are also useful for other random lists one might want to reference once in a while. I keep lists of restaurants and bars I would like to try as well as things to do in other cities that people have recommend. All of this could be stored in text files on a PC, but having these synced up to a PDA puts them in my pocket pretty much all the time. This makes it much more likely that the information will be available when it is most needed.

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