Some time ago, I questioned my somewhat complicated email archive. This is an archive that had been building up for several years. It contained many, many, many subfolders in an attempt to keep things organized and easy to find. This worked well for a time, but in more recent years, I found myself wondering which sub folder to archive things in. This really started to feel like a waste of time; as a result, things were hastily misfiled. Since things were now being misfiled, all of these subfolders were no longer making things organized or easy to find. A couple months ago, I got so fed up I decided to flatten the whole damn archive and remove all of the subfolders.

After a couple of months, it is safe to say that this was a very positive change. When something needs to be archived, the question of which folder to use is already answered (there’s only one, even I can figure that out). When I do need to find an old email, it is as easy as searching with Google Desktop or looking at the most recent additions to the archive folder.

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