Update 2022-09-18: Unfortunately, the bookmarklet mentioned below no longer works. It looks like the NYPL has changed their search platform over the years.

There’s a place that has many, many books. You can take these books for free so long as you agree to bring them back. Yes, this place is your local library. Even though these libraries are everywhere and the price is right, Amazon links are ubiquitous. Amazon is great, but you might not want to purchase every book you would like to read.

With LibraryLookup, you can quickly find out if a book you are viewing on Amazon is available at your local library. Once you’ve put the proper bookmarklet in your browser, you click on the LibraryLookup bookmarklet from any Amazon book detail page. A new window will pop up with that book’s information from your library’s website. From there, you should be able to find out which branches have the book or reserve a copy.

Since different libraries use different systems, you’ll need to make a bookmarklet specific to your local library. The LibraryLookup site will step you through that process. If the New York Public Library is your choice, you can just drag this link onto your toolbar: NYPL Lookup

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