Harvest on iPhone with items to syncHarvest now has an iPhone application (built and distributed by Y Factorial). It’s really slick, and a welcome alternative to the browser based iPhone solution that came previously. I tested it out last week, and it worked great. Today, however, is a different story.

Note the 4 entries that need to be synced in the screenshot. No matter how much I shake my poor iPhone, those items just won’t sync with the server. Y Factorial notes that some users experience syncing problems, so maybe that is the case here. But, the comments in the iTunes store referring to the sync problem also talk about crashing, which hasn’t happened to me. The newness of this app doesn’t help matters as it seems there is little or no troubleshooting information available. At minimum, it would be nice if one could reset the app’s data file–just to ensure that a manually corrected timesheet doesn’t get hosed if the application successfully syncs in the future.

Update 2009-03-03: Y Factorial was super responsive, on this (see comment below). The log files from my phone may have been helpful, but I had been impatient and reinstalled the application. Anyway, reinstalling made it work, but I have not been able to replicate the sync problem again.

One thought on “Harvest on iPhone Sync Problem

  1. Hi JP,

    We’d love to help you figure out this issue. Any chance you know your way around XCode and can send us the log file? If not we can walk you through the steps if you’re up for it?

    Email me directly if you’re interested in helping out!

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