30 second web business plan creator sketch

Some time ago, a couple of us at the office thought it would be great if a mobile application could spit out business plans for web businesses in 30 seconds or less. The user taps on the logos of the companies they will be better than, and it creates a business plan! Of course, it would also create a killer deck–to totally crush those presentations to potential investors.

The sketch above, also created in 30 seconds or less, hung on the wall at my desk for a while. From time to time, for comic relief, I would point at it after we heard of great idea for a “tech” company that was described by rattling off a list of hot web properties, but was light on the business end of things. I pointed at this sketch a lot.

I’ve since changed jobs and forgotten about this, until today. I ran across this sketch while cleaning up the home office and I’m putting it up here in case someone wants to actually build this thing. Come on, it could be huge!

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