Canvas Wrench RollA while ago, I bought a set of open end wrenches. The wrenches are fine, but the case they came in is bulkier than it needs to be. I could take them out of the case, but they really need to be organized in some way rather than clanging around in the bottom of a toolbox.

I like the idea of tool rolls, they keep things together and protected while being simple, light and portable. A quick search didn’t yield any that I wanted to purchase. So, I’m gathering a few pictures here as inspiration so that I can go the DIY route and design my own. After all, Carl has a new sewing machine set up in his shop for an upholstery job, I’m sure he could use the practice.

Wrench RollThe picture at the top is almost exactly what I’m looking for. The green fabric reminds me of a nut driver set my father had in his shop–it’s durable and wears well.

The second, black one shown here is nice because of the two rows of pockets that fold into each other. This negates the need for an additional flap to keep the wrenches from falling out when rolled. On this particular one, the wrenches will be touching when rolled. It would be better if there was a bit more fabric to prevent that from happening.

Hanging Tool Roll Finally, these beige canvas rolls are shown only for their hanging ability. Putting grommets in the rolls allow for hanging when possible. In this case, they are hanging in a tool chest, but they could just as easily be hung on a wall over a bench.

Ultimately, I want a design that combines the strong features of all three.

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