A Photographer’s Search for Joy in Uncertain Times highlights some of Meryl Meisler’s street photography from the 70s and 80s.

Along with a few photos, there are nuggets like this–in reference to her practice of bumming smokes as an icebreaker:

“It wasn’t about the cigarettes; it was about the people,” … “It was a way of saying hello to people and being less shy.”

Meryl Meisler is also on Instagram.

Photo by Meryl Meisler

Michael Berman - Abdul
In 1999, Michael Berman photographed over 300 random people all over Manhattan. Now he is tracking down as many of them as he can find to re-photograph and talk to them. In many cases, he’s been able photograph them in the same spot. He plans to create a documentary and publish a book of the work.

He explains the project in this video, and you can check out more of the photos on Instagram.

By the way, Berman’s pictures of 80s & 90s New York are pretty great as well.

Photo by: Michael Berman

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York