Citibike is getting some pressure to expand to low-income neighborhoods. However, Motivate, the company that operates Citibike, can’t do that sort of expansion without some public funding, and the transportation commissioner seems to agree. I think this could be money well spent.

There are a couple success stories in the article linked above. For example, the woman that rides Citibike so often, each trip is about 9¢! That’s almost cheaper than walking.

Beeline Navigation Made Simple Panorama

GPS navigation usually means turn-by-turn directions. Great! But, what if you want to have more control over your route–in real time?

Enter BeeLine:

BeeLine is a handlebar-mounted device that helps you find your way on a bicycle. It strips back navigation to the bare basics, turning convention completely on its head and resurfacing your natural instinct to find the way.

The basic idea: After entering a destination on your smartphone, BeeLine’s handlebar-mounted display points you in the right direction. You can also enter additional way points in the app if you’d like to be directed along a certain route.

BeeLine is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter for their first production run.

via Core77