New York industrial designer, Nicholas Fjellberg Swerdlowe has designed a bike accessory for transporting bags, The Bag Buddy. Sure, you can hang bags from your handlebars without any special equipment, but that solution is not without its problems. The Bag Buddy looks to be a simple way to load up the bicycle when you’re out of backpack (or other cargo) space. These would be great for just about anyone who rides a bike around town, even if occasionally. Also, just about every bike delivery person in town would probably love to have a pair of these.

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P.S. I hope Nicholas limits his sidewalk and wrong way riding to video shoots.

Retroreflective Bike
Visibility is important for cyclists. It’s great to see more and more people sporting blinkys–both front and rear–around town, but you can’t have too much visibility, especially at night. Retroreflective stickers and fabrics are effective, but they are mostly limited to small strips–until now anyway. This custom bike by Josh Zisson features a full-on retroreflective paint job with Halo Coatings paint, among other excellent safety features.

The retroreflective bit is really nice since, under normal lighting conditions, the paint looks normal. In the case of this bike, it’s a nice, subdued color. But, hit it with some headlights and it bounces back a ton of light. The paint makes this bike really stand out on the road at night. Josh didn’t stop with the bike frame either, note that the rims, basket, and even Josh’s glasses are a beacon of safety. Nice work!

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Midtown bike ban signIn 1987, city officials attempted to ban weekday cycling in Midtown. The ban never took effect.

Streetsblog has a five part series about how the idea for a ban came about and the advocates that made sure it didn’t happen:

The Bicycle Uprising

Note that there will be a ride on September 28, 2012 to commemorate these events. Visit Battle of the Bike Ban for more information.

Photo from Streetsblog