Stamp MugsStamp mugs offer an alternative to those boring, circular coffee rings that result when jittery adults can’t keep all of their coffee in the cup. The 59 dollar price tag (per pair) is a bit dear, but isn’t being on the bleeding edge of stain producing technology worth it?

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So, the US iTunes Music Store has nothing by The Housemartins, why not try the UK store? Bang, more Housemartins than one would ever want, wonderful. I was ready to pay the slightly inflated £0.79 (USD 1.49) for the song, but wait, I don’t have a UK music store account and I can’t create one without a UK billing address. What a crock! One would think that Apple and the record companies would be more than willing to sell music to whomever is willing to pony up the bucks (or quid), but apparently that is not the case.

Briscoe TeeJerry Orbach a.k.a. the beloved Lenny Briscoe from television’s Law & Order, is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. This is very unfortunate and I wish him a speedy and full recovery. You can show your support with a Lenny Briscoe t-shirt. Purchasing a shirt will do more than show your support, proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

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Happy to Serve Coffee CupGet the all cachet of the ubiquitous New York City coffee cup (the 75 cent kind) without filling landfills. The Manhattan User’s Guide points out that 180,000,000 of these little cups are produced a year, that’s a lot of cups. They also point to where one can purchase a dishwasher safe, ceramic alternative. Yes, the little blue cup that provides so many New Yorker’s their first jolt of caffeine in the morning is now available in a less disposable material. Ready to add that “fresh from the bodega” touch to your home or office? A list of merchants (both online and off) is also available on the site.