Joel on Software suggests that fixing Mom’s computer is a most excellent Mother’s Day gift. If you can’t make it to Mom’s for some reason (shame on you), you can do this remotely. To make this easy, Fog Creek Copilot will be free on Sunday. Just go to the site on Sunday and collect your free pass. Once you’re hooked up to Mom’s computer, you might want to use Lifehacker’s list of things to do/fix/clean as a starting point.

If you’ve never heard of Copilot, it is a service and (temporarily installed) piece of software that allows you to control a remote computer. It works through routers and firewalls, so it is great for getting though to PCs on a home network. Learn more on Fog Creek’s Site.

Update 2007-11-06: Sorry wine enthusiasts, it appears that CyraKnow is now offering only language instruction.

CyraKnow offers an instructional series on wine with Mark Phillips. Currently, they have 3 programs to choose from on their site: Enjoying Wine, Selecting Wine and Wine Regions. According to the system requirements, this only works with iPods (except shuffle or first generation). Download
a sample track and see if it might make your wine drinking experience more enjoyable.

via slashfood

There is still enough time left to place a holiday order for Why Mommy is a Democrat. Take a look at the sample pages to get a feel for what this “different kind of children’s book” is all about. Pay special attention to the story unfolding in the background. It seems to follow a less fortunate fellow and his brief encounters with a couple of fat cats, their lap dog and their son (a recent Yale grad).

This is going to be the bed time story pick for 2007!