Supreme crusher hatThis hat is interests me primarily because a good friend of my father had one just like it. Granted, it was circa 1974 when he wore his, so it was more in line with the style at the time. But really, this chapeau is timeless, isn’t it?

If you’re interested, this modern version can be purchased from Supreme.

I wonder if someone can put their hands on a picture of Pete wearing his Bud Hat?

via Thrillist

How did I miss this? I should have been well aware of this Nabaztag bunny last year. I will immediately adjust my RSS feeds so I’m get the appropriate level of gadget news and this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

The latest Wi-Fi bunny, Nabaztag/tag, has a few more features than the original, including a bellybutton and and RFID reader. But, both can do all sorts of cool, internet connected type things. Best of all is the API. What’s better than a programmable bunny? Oh, so many possibilities.

Just one example is this Nabaztag/tag enabled build status notification. It helps a group of software developers know if their current projects are being built without errors. The bunny is in tune with their CruiseControl continuous build system. Good builds mean a happy bunny. Problems in the build process make the bunny sad–and nobody wants a sad bunny around the office.