It’s easy to talk about putting the user at the center of an organization’s processes, but much harder ensure that the user experience is taken into consideration when decisions are made throughout the organization. It’s not unusual to hear about the need to “delight the user” at the same time the user experience of a product or service is being gutted to meet some corporate goal or ridiculous constraint.

The likelihood of providing a good user experience has a lot to do with an organization’s UX maturity. Those familiar with CMM, will notice some parallels to the Keikendo Maturity Model mentioned in the above article. Especially the fact that an organization can’t skip steps overnight:

Maturity progresses one level at a time…they won’t be able to skip ahead…

It’s worth taking a look at where your organization falls within this maturity model. It will likely show some areas where your UX team can help lead the organization to the next level.