Dog ID Tee - French Bulldog “What Kind of Dog is That?”

People with dogs must get tired of answering that question all the time. Today’s busy dog owner has better things to do than repeat statements like “It’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel” (that’s a mouthful) or “It’s a French Bulldog” to random passers by. But, ignoring them would just be rude.

Enter Dog ID Tees (sadly, as of 2015-02-16, the Cafe Press storefront has been shuttered). Put doggy’s details right on your chest so you don’t have to repeat them. Now you can concentrate on that important tweet, text, email, or phone conversation rather than talking to strangers.

Supreme crusher hatThis hat is interests me primarily because a good friend of my father had one just like it. Granted, it was circa 1974 when he wore his, so it was more in line with the style at the time. But really, this chapeau is timeless, isn’t it?

If you’re interested, this modern version can be purchased from Supreme.

I wonder if someone can put their hands on a picture of Pete wearing his Bud Hat?

via Thrillist