Updates have been few and far between lately. I have a load of stuff to write about but little time to write. I promise I’ll get back to posting on at least a semi-daily basis this week. Since today is officially the first day of the week, I guess I should start today…

Here are a few pictures from my California trip, which I took a couple weeks ago. None of these pictures are especially good, I think I need to make a point of taking better pictures. It also wouldn’t hurt if I knew how to sharpen them up a bit in Photoshop although most of these are beyond Photoshop’s help.

I would like to apologize to both of my readers. I have neglected to post anything for almost two weeks. My excuses are really good though. Want to hear them? Here they go:

  1. Blackout. Since I’m all high tech these days with the IP phone from Vonage, I had no communication with the outside world. My mobile phone was worthless as well. I must say it was nice having friends drop by to chat since there was no other way to reach me, but no phone line or cable modem means no blogging.
  2. Empire State AIDS Ride. I left for the airport while the power was still out in my apartment, so I couldn’t post the announcement that I wouldn’t be updating my site for a week.

    The ride was wonderful, I will post some pictures here shortly. In the meantime check out Matt’s pictures.

Sorry about the lack of updates. I realized today that it has been more than a week since my last entry. I was away on business all last week, so I did not get a chance to do much in the way of writing. I did manage to have some fun too so I’ll post a detailed report on that in the next couple of days.