Most overheard cellphone conversations are quite boring, but sometimes you hear a real nugget…

Overheard in the American Airlines terminal at LaGuardia, 7:15 AM:

Yeah, I’m in line waiting to get on the plane. Hey, next time you ask me to carry a gift for you, make sure it doesn’t have any blades in it!

Perhaps they should bring back the two questions to remind people of what they should and should not be carrying :)

Merry Christmas!

The New York Times reports that the days of cell phone free flying might be numbered. The FCC will begin reviewing the in-flight cell phone ban next week. Reversal of this ban coupled with new air to ground technology in commercial planes will allow everyone to make and receive important phone calls. Of course, this same set of circumstances will also allow everyone to make and receive useless calls during travel time that was previously spent reading or staring blankly at the back of the next seat. Oh what what a wonderful time it will be. As the article suggests, it may be a good time to invest in some noise cancelling headphones.

via Engadget reports that Verizon Wireless is offering custom ringback tones to their customers in Southern California. So, rather than hearing the familiar tone of a call ringing through to the number you dialed, you can hear a tune of the dialed party’s choosing. Depending on how you look at this, it is either a fun new feature, or really irritating. The irritation factor is based entirely on the musical tastes of the person being called I guess. Of course, it is only a matter of time before this technology is used to blast the caller with some sort of marketing message before the first ring.

Preparing to go out on what could be a lame date but don’t have any friends that could call and bail you out if things aren’t going well? Cingular can help, if you are a Cingular customer of course. Escape-a-Date will call at a predetermined time and play a recorded message that will help the recipient make a speedy, yet tactful exit.

via engadget