Time Warner Cable filed suit against Chelsea’s London Terrace Towers and iNYC Wireless claiming that they are illegally selling wireless access to Road Runner service to residents. Allegedly, the Road Runner signal from the super’s apartment was redistributed via Wi-Fi transmitters throughout the building. Time Warner Cable is seeking a court order to stop the redistribution of their signal and monetary damages from the ISP as well as the London Terrace co-op, superintendent and managing agent.

If Time Warner’s allegations are true, it would seem that iNYC Wireless needs to seriously rethink how they provision their Internet access. It would be interesting to know if they are paying for commercial service from Time Warner, or standard residential service. If it is in fact residential service, then this is a pretty flagrant act on the part of the ISP. But if they have commercial service, this could be an interesting case indeed. Either way, I doubt that the building had any knowledge of what was going on, but I’m sure this suit will be a hot topic at their next co-op meeting.

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