Last night I was thinking “Hey, I haven’t seen any comment spam in a while. Perhaps the rel=nofollow initiative has slowed things down a bit.” Apparently, I spoke to soon; I awoke this morning to find my blog blanketed with trackback spam. This was a first for me although it does not seem to be any more or less of a pain in the ass to deal with than comment spam has been. At any rate, since I was still getting spammed this morning, I have disabled trackback pings. I think I see a weblog software upgrade in the near future…

Update: From comments, but worthy of the link: Anthony points to an interview with a comment spammer; then promptly calls me a bastard. He clarifies things in a later comment by pointing out that the spammer was to be the target of the “bastard” comment and not me. Obviously Anthony doesn’t know me that well ;)

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