After a fair amount of tough talk from both sides, the Transit Worker’s Union strike is on. I took my camera with me for my walk to work this morning hoping to catch some unique moments. However, my walk across town in the upper 30’s was quiet and uneventful, not unlike a snow day without all the slush. I would not have guessed that a transit strike would result in such light traffic (at least in some parts of town). Judging from the number of closed shops in the Garment Center, many people decided to stay home today or were unable to get to work. Many people will have terrible commutes while the strike is in effect. Check out the comments on Gothamist’s “The Most Inconvenient Commute Contest!” to get a flavor of how it is for New Yorkers when their primary mode of transportation is no longer running.

For those who are not living through this, or who wish to relive it, here are some pictures:

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