Podlinez will play the most recent episode of any podcast on any phone. Each podcast is assigned a phone number. When it is dialed, the podcast starts playing after a short announcement. Nice work, if anyone from Podlinez happens to be reading, here are a few unsolicited feature requests:

  • A searchable directory. 15 pages of podcasts are a lot to sort through. One should not have to enter the full feed URL of the podcast on the home page to see if it is already listed either.
  • A mobile accessible directory. Podlinz will really shine when one has some time to kill while not near a computer. An optimized site for mobile browsers, some form of search that uses SMS or even a audio directory would be great.
  • Keep more than just the last episode of a podcast on hand.

Good luck!

via Lifehacker

One thought on “PhoneCast

  1. Anyone from Podlinez *does* happen to be reading… we hear you on the searchable directory problem, we’re working on the problem of keeping more than one episode on hand (we thought it more important to get the maximum possible number of different feeds online first, before adding to the transcoding and storage problems), and mobile access via SMS is something we’re looking at, though there’s several different ways to solve the “find a random thing that you’d like when there’s nothing to do” problem.

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