Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg presented his plan for preparing New York City for the future. He outlined 10 ambitious goals that focus on housing and transporting a growing population, improving our infrastructure and improving the environment:

  1. Create homes for almost a
    million more New Yorkers, while
    making housing more affordable
    and sustainable
  2. Improve travel times by adding
    transit capacity for millions more
    residents, visitors, and workers
  3. Ensure that all New Yorkers live
    within a 10-minute walk of a park
  4. Develop critical back-up systems
    for our aging water network to
    ensure long-term reliability
  5. Reach a full “state of good repair”
    on New York City’s roads, subways,
    and rails for the first time in history
  6. Provide cleaner, more reliable power
    for every New Yorker by upgrading
    our energy infrastructure
  7. Reduce global warming
    emissions by more than 30%
  8. Achieve the cleanest air
    of any big city in America
  9. Clean up all contaminated
    land in New York City
  10. Open 90% of our waterways
    for recreation by reducing
    water pollution and preserving
    our natural areas

The City has set up a planNYC website with more information. The site has many opportunities to offer one’s opinion on how to improve things. It also offers a fair amount of information on how citizens can take action.

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