Gothamist takes exception to Bloomberg’s refusal to suspend alternate side of the street parking after Wednesday’s snowfall. While the Mayor’s attitude did seem somewhat harsh, given the amount of snow, he probably almost made the right call.

I say almost because the right call probably would have been to enforce parking regulations in Manhattan below 96th street and give the rest of the city a break for a couple days. Manhattan does not have an abundance of on-street parking and the snow needs to be removed. It is difficult to remove snow when there are cars in the way. Indoor parking garages are also plentiful in most parts of Manhattan. So, if one does not wish to move their vehicle, they can opt to stick it in a garage. Upper Manhattan and other boroughs don’t necessarily have a lot of garages so alternate side of the street should be suspended in those locations.

This is all sort of a moot point since the Mayor eventually caved by excusing these parking tickets. So, this dustup is all for naught. Nevertheless, the next time we get a couple inches of snow, normal parking rules should be enforced in Manhattan.

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