NYU and Time’s Up! are working together to reclaim and repair bikes that are abandoned on the NYU campus. NYU sophomore, Emily Allen, and others won a $5,000 grant from NYU to start the program. The grant money goes towards buying parts used by Time’s Up! volunteers to get the bicycles road ready. Half of the refurbished bikes are sent back to the University to be given to students. I’m not sure what happens to the other bikes which are retained by Time’s Up. I assume they are used as parts or donated to people in need of transportation.

This is a great program that will keep some bikes out of the dump while encouraging cycling at the school. Nice work!

By the way, Time’s Up! will be loosing their East Houston Street meeting space in a few months. They are currently looking a new space, if you can help in any way, send an email to timesupspace@gmail.com.

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