Dealing with a group of people’s time off can be a headache. Spread that group across several locations and that headache quickly turns into a migraine. There are hundreds of applications to help with this which range from the very rudimentary to the overly sophisticated. WhosOff, a free web application, looks to have hit the sweet spot here. It is easy to use, but also includes more advanced features like time off approvals. Since it is web based, it is simple to deploy and has the added benefit of allowing the whole team to see who’s out of the office at any given time. Sharing this information with the team becomes more important as the team grows and is difficult to do if the information lives only on the manager’s computer–or, even worse, in their head. WhosOff will get this information in front of the team where it belongs without burdening the team members or mangers with unneeded overhead.

via lifehacker

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