After what seems like an extended, semi-private beta, Dopplr launched earlier this week. Since they have such a well-crafted statement on their about page, I’ll let them speak for themselves:

Dopplr is an online service for frequent business travellers.

Dopplr lets you share your travel plans privately with a group of friends and colleagues whom you have chosen. It then tells you when people you know will be in the same cities. It also reminds you of people who live in the places you’re planning to visit.

Dopplr has a lot of potential if it can attract a critical mass of users. This shouldn’t be a problem since those who have been using Dopplr seem to really enjoy it. Integration with other applications will also help, and they look to be well on their way in this area. Currently, it works with Flickr and Facebook. Dopplr also uses OpenID and sports an API, which open up all sorts of possibilities.

In addition to all this great tech stuff, Dopplr is quite easy to use. The interface is uncluttered and beautiful in its simplicity. The team has done a wonderful job on this application and I really look forward to using it.

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