new yorks number one flyer guyFour or five years back, this guy was flyering on 5th Avenue around 37th Street. At the time, he must have been working for a juice bar or something. I surmised this solely on the carrot getup he wore. For all I know, he might have been the marketing division of a major vegetable cart.

He was there for a couple weeks, then he was gone. Most people plying the inhabitants of New York with handbills don’t leave such a lasting impression. This carrot, however, was memorable not only for being a carrot, but the whole schtick. Clearly, he is well versed in the art and science of flyering. He even added his own special twist by doing a subtle, rhythmic dance while he distributed his flyers. Plus, as you can tell from the photo, he is a huge hit with the ladies–even sans carrot outfit.

This afternoon, he was handing out flyers for a local health club on the corner of 34th and 3rd. The sombrero doesn’t have quite as much visual impact as the old carrot suit, but it is a nice touch. If you are in need of a good flyer distributor, I strongly suggest you track this guy down.

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