Motorcycle Muni-Meter Parking Ticket AttachmentThere is some confusion among New York City motorcyclists and scooterists about how to legally park (e.g. avoid parking tickets) at a muni-meter. Some think that motorcyclists should pay and attach the receipt to the bike, others hold that one should pay at the muni-meter and hold on to the receipt in case a parking ticket is issued, while others claim there is no need to pay at all.

According to the DOT, motorcyclists must pay at muni-meters AND display the receipt on on the motorcyclists:

Like other motorists, motorcyclists using Pay and Display Muni-Meters, must display their receipt on their vehicle. To prevent theft or damage to the receipt, DOT recommends using clear plastic holders attached to the motorcycle with a lock or other mechanism. Devices made especially for this purpose can be found in specialty stores.

The locking mechanism pictured above seems a little ridiculous. But, if you really want one, you can purchase a locking parking permit holder from Login Parking.

5 thoughts on “Motorcycle Parking at NYC Muni-Meters

  1. Or just remove the license plate and park it on the sidewalk! It’s a non-2-wheeled world…

  2. Jim, did you ever see them tow a motorcycle in new york city ? I’ve seen them back up to a motorcycle put the cable around the bike , put it in a “choker” and drive the way with the bike hangin like a pendulum ! I would never take my plate off or park on the sidewalk in new york city

  3. Recently I parked on the sidewalk out of the way, plated off, cover on. When I returned to my bike I noticed my cover was slightly disturbed and had a feeling but didn’t want to jinx myself. Cops pulled up immediatly in an unmarked car, they had been waiting for me. Cursed me out, pulled my license out of my hands as I was putting it back on and wrote me a 115 dollar ticket for parking on the sidewalk. I explained the Muni Meter situation to which they just shrugged.

  4. I recently heard about someone receiving a ticket for having a removable plate. Apparently during a traffic stop the cops noticed the velcro and lack of screw heads.

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