IRT Countdown SignIn an article about the MTA offering a subway countdown clock app, an MTA spokesperson mentions that this data might also be available to developers:

“The MTA is very close to being able to provide real-time train arrival data without having to go into the station,” MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg said. “We want everyone to access the countdown clocks on numbered lines just by looking at their phone.”

The MTA also will be looking to the private sector to help riders get up-to-the-minute train information.

“We’re going to release this data in a free and open stream so developers can build new apps that we haven’t even thought of,” Lisberg said.

While this will only be available on the IRT lines for now, it is a step in the right direction. I can’t wait to see what third party application developers do with this, real-time information.

via Prospect Heights Patch

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