Little PrinterIt’s easy to look at many IoT devices as expensive toys. While mass production will lower the cost in the future, will they ever be more than cute toys? Tim Maly uses BERG’s Little Printer as an example of where these devices are headed.

Little Printer is a good example. It has a very nice design, and the price is already coming down as the size of their production runs increase. Right now, it is essentially a content delivery device, to which they are continually adding new content options. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s conceivable that there will also be input devices that could be used to interact with this little printer in the near future.

Devices like this printer, and the Good Night Lamp will become more prevalent as the desire to better absorb the information around us increases. Not all information needs or should be presented on screen or behind glass. I look forward to seeing what designers and engineers create in the next few years.

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