I posted a video last week that has been making the rounds. In I Forgot My Phone, Charlene deGuzman goes through her day without the aid of a smartphone while her friends and companions relentlessly document and check in on what is happening elsewhere.

Nick Bilton talks to deGuzman today about the inspiration for the video. He also makes an interesting connection between smartphones and television:

In the late 1950s, televisions started to move into the kitchen from the living room, often wheeled up to the dinner table to join the family for supper. And then, TV at the dinner table suddenly became bad manners. Back to the living room the TV went.

Only time will tell how we will adapt to this new technology. Perhaps this is just they way it’s going to be. But, maybe not. This isn’t the first time our addiction to the tiny screen has been questioned. And, as a smartphone owner, this video made me think about what I might really be missing out on by being so connected. I’m sure others are feeling the same way.

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