Poor UX and dark patterns are not limited to the web and mobile apps. If you’ve found yourself in a chain restaurant recently, you may have seen a little Ziosk device on the tables. Customers can use Ziosk to order food or pay their tab. According to Businessweek, some restaurants also offer games, for a price:

Chili’s offers unlimited games on the tablets for $0.99, and the chain shares this revenue with Ziosk. The restaurant says about customers at one in 10 tables pay to play during the meal…

There’s nothing wrong with charging for services, but do customers need to be tricked into parting with their money? Apparently Chili’s and Ziosk think so. Here’s the the screen the user is presented with after answering a random trivia question:

Ziosk Trickery

Look at it quickly. Did the user answer the trivia question correctly? Which button would you choose in this context? Would you choose the massive, bright green button? How many Chili’s customers knowingly spend 99¢ and how many are duped by this dark pattern?

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