This site has been compromised a couple times this year, so I’ve taken a few steps to prevent it from happening in the future:

  • Moved to a different host. Server security probably had little to do with this latest problem, but I’ve been looking for a reason to move to what I thought would be a faster host for a while. So, I’m back on Pair Networks, where this site was hosted for many years.
  • Fresh installations of everything since many files had been compromised.
  • Limited the number of WordPress plugins being used. One of the problems I had in the past was due to a vulnerability in a plugin. While I keep the plugins up to date, the fewer the better.

If you’re interested in securing your WordPress installation, this Hardening WordPress article is a good start.

For now, the site is rocking a default theme. I’ve been wanting to redesign the site anyway, so I don’t want to spend time reapplying tweaks to a theme I’m going to stop using anyway.

If you notice any strangeness, or broken things, please let me know.

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