This cute little paint can caught my eye. It lives below the footer on the Withings Activité site.

Fresh Paint 1

The link leads to a short form that asks for a some information and automatically collects important bits like the page they were visiting and the browser/OS version. This makes it quick and easy to report site problems. It’s a nice touch and I think it would be a great addition to most sites.

Fresh Paint 2

Design and development teams would rather users not see any issues. However, it’s impossible to test a site on every device. Even the most thoughtful of responsive designs is likely to look a bit wonky on some devices. Not to mention the 10,000 or so other issues that might crop up on a new or existing site. Many sites have feedback mechanisms, but usually the link to them is buried somewhere. This little can of paint makes reporting issues easy and therefore, more likely to actually get reported. I only wish that they included a “nice job” option on their form.

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