Joel’s new year’s resolution is to give up Twitter and Facebook. As usual, his thoughts on why are excellent. I hope this means we’ll see some more action at Joel on Software in the future.

A funny side note about Joel: Many years ago, he was running Fog Creek Software and being quite prolific on his blog. I was managing a software development team and the subjects of his writing were particularly relevant.

One day, I got a call at my office from Joel. We were evaluating one of their products (FogBugz perhaps) and he called to ask some questions about how we were using it. Just a user research call for him, but a big deal for me. I was so floored by getting a phone call from Joel Spolsky that I ran into my boss’s office to tell him. For me, it was like getting a call from Steve Wozniak or Bill Gates–entirely because of what he had shared on his blog over the years.

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