Friday evening, approximately 8:14 PM

Drug Dealer: Psssst. My man, lookin’ for some smoke?
Me: No thanks.
DD: (pointing at my bicycle) Hey, you guys meetin’ down here tonight?
Me: Well, we were in Union Square, but the cops were getting the orange net ready, so most people split. Some of us came down here.
DD: (looking at the police helicopter hovering overhead) Shit man, you’d think y’all was some terrorists or something by the way they treat you. Its bullshit. Take it easy… (walks towards another guy) Pssst. My man, lookin’ for some smoke?

I find it a bit odd that while van loads of cops poured into the Washington Square area to stop a “bicycle procession”, dealers were still freely selling their products in the park. 17 cyclists were arrested on Friday night, how many drug dealers were arrested in Washington Square? I’m guessing none.

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